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Eating In

Link to the list of 2004 Chicago Farmer's Markets Posted May 08, 2004 EatChicago went shopping for Polish specialties at Bobak's market on Archer Ave. Posted June 14, 2004 Edward Don Outlet Store is one of the best discount restaurant supply outlets around. Posted April 06, 2004 The highlight of this past weekend was a trip to Mitsuwa Marketplace , a massive Japanese market in Arlington Heights. Walking into Mitsuwa is like being transported to Japan. Half of the store is taken up by a Japanese grocery... Posted August 30, 2004 Fast, professional knife sharpening. Posted April 12, 2004 After much prodding, I took a long-look at Lincolnwood produce. Posted February 11, 2005 Marketplace on Oakton is one of the best, cheapest, and most interesting places to buy groceries in the Chicago area. Posted March 24, 2004 A chronological picture of one weekend of diverse dining. Posted March 28, 2005 I compared some prices at a variety of markets and came up with some predictable results. Posted December 14, 2004 A couple short blocks west of Marketplace on Oakton lies a serious Russian deli. By "serious", I mean that at the Eurostyle Deli you'll find a wide variety of prepared Russian foods, frozen homemade pelmeni (dumplings), smoked fish, tons of... Posted September 09, 2004 Dirk's Fish is a full-service fish market Posted May 07, 2004 Trader Joe's entry into the Chicago city limits has changed my grocery habits. Posted April 28, 2004