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Dining Out

That special hot-spot excitement has surrounded Mindy Segal's new café Hot Chocolate, since long before it opened. Segal's notable acclaim as a pastry chef combined with a trendy Bucktown location nearly guaranteed writeups in Chicago Magazine and Metromix. Now, the... Posted May 03, 2005 Excellent contemporary Chinese dining in the South Loop. Posted April 13, 2004 Read about how one Lakeview sushi bar drove us to leave without ordering. Posted May 18, 2004 Just before the dinner hour last night, our sole vegetarian friends phoned. They were heading to Devon. The timing was perfect, so we hopped in the car. Our friends left the choice of the restaurant in our hands, which I... Posted December 30, 2004 Amarind's Thai cooking stands apart from the crowd. Posted June 07, 2004 4 Taste serves up small eats with big taste in a hip atmosphere Posted May 25, 2004 With all the hype around Alinea lately, Ms. EatChicago and I decided to take a look and see what's going on at Trio Atelier, the latest incarnation of the place that Grant Achatz graduated from. After Chef Achatz left to... Posted May 24, 2005 A review of a Chicago BYOB guidebook. Posted June 21, 2005 Author's note: It is rare that I post a bad review, and I have received some criticism to this effect. Generally, when I don't like a place it is easily forgotten. These bad restaurants usually elicit indifference and inspire very... Posted March 10, 2005 I try not to post about places more than once, maybe twice. In spite of this unwritten guideline, some places bear a second mention. Posted May 13, 2005 Read about Hopleaf, a Belgian pub and restaurant in Andersonville. Posted April 10, 2004 Sometimes you eat in a restaurant that does everything just right. Bruna's Ristorante is one of those restaurants. Posted October 25, 2004 Value-priced Persian food in a hidden gem. Posted October 19, 2004 For decades, Candlelite served beer and ultra-thin crust pizza on the far North Side. The pizza was cracker-thin and square cut, a style of pizza that is as distinctly "Chicago" as our nationally-famous deep-dish. Not too long ago (about 18... Posted November 02, 2004 L. Wood's grills up the best skirt steak in Chicago. Posted May 05, 2004 EatChicago's trip to Vito & Kesselman wasn't as good as I hoped. Posted April 04, 2004 When talking about unique Chicago food, Chicken Vesuvio is often overlooked. Posted June 24, 2004 Lulu's provides a somewhat forgettable dim sum experience in Evanston. Posted April 25, 2004 Rewards Network is such an easy way to save money on dining out, I can't imagine why you wouldn't join. Posted March 26, 2004 Rick Bayless broke new culinary ground with Topolobampo and Frontera Grill over 15 years ago. Bayless introduced contemporary Mexican dining with Frontera and high-end Mexican dining shortly after with Topolo. Since then, many graduates of the Bayless kitchen have gone... Posted February 24, 2005 The pushy salespeople at Kaze nearly eclipsed the high quality of their seafood. Posted October 07, 2004 The Gale Street Inn has been serving up some mighty tasty (but short of perfect) ribs for decades. Posted May 11, 2004 Green Zebra is probably the most-reviewed, most written-about restaurant of the year. I decided to let some of the hype die down a bit before giving it a try. It was difficult for me to wait very long, since I... Posted September 23, 2004 A review of Paprikash, a Hungarian restaurant featured on "Check, Please!". Posted April 08, 2004 Bhabi's Kitchen has no equal. Posted July 08, 2004 I couldn't wait to return to Bhabi's Kitchen Posted July 13, 2004 The highlight of this past weekend was a trip to Mitsuwa Marketplace , a massive Japanese market in Arlington Heights. Walking into Mitsuwa is like being transported to Japan. Half of the store is taken up by a Japanese grocery... Posted August 30, 2004 Sushi Kushi Toyo is Japanese food that's worth a drive to Lake Forest. Posted March 21, 2004 Tank is a hip, new Sushi bar in Lincoln Square. Posted March 31, 2004 You'll have an excellent experience in this petite BYO restaurant. Posted May 15, 2004 Lula cafe is my first choice for a top-quality meal in Logan Square Posted July 16, 2004 El Barco, Mariscos is a unique Mexican restaurant, specializing in Seafood. Posted March 28, 2004 A Chicago classic serves up great steaks on the far North Side. Posted April 18, 2004 Read about Glory, a New England bistro in Bucktown. Posted March 30, 2004 A chronological picture of one weekend of diverse dining. Posted March 28, 2005 Before opening the hot Pluton, Jacky had a great bistro in Evanston. Posted April 30, 2004 Tournesol offers a nice prix fixe weeknight option. Posted August 24, 2004 Eating the delicious food at Taqueria la Oaxaquena couldn't be easier. Posted June 09, 2004 Over three years ago now, pre-dating this website, I first ate at Spring and it quickly became one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago. In that time-span, I have only been there a couple of times (there are a lot... Posted August 11, 2005 Lately, I've been eating at places that I've talked about before, so there's little new to report. I take a bit of comfort in returning to places that I know I'll enjoy, and I love introducing friends and family to... Posted November 16, 2004 I am about to shamefully copy someone else's idea. Of all the features in the new local version of the magazine Time Out Chicago, I am particularly fond of "Save This Restaurant". The Time Out food editors choose an under-appreciated... Posted April 12, 2005 My search for a perfect Ma Po Tofu took me to Lao Sze Chuan. Posted August 16, 2004 EatChicago's First Law of Chicago Dining: For every jam-packed, over-hyped eatery, nearby there is another similar eatery of equal or greater quality, situated nearby, that is nearly empty. Posted April 25, 2005 EatChicago goes four-star dining Posted August 06, 2004 You don't have to follow the crowds for excellent dim sum in Chinatown Posted July 06, 2004 I recently had the distinct pleasure of joining a group of 20 for a massive feast at Chuck's Southern Comfort Cafe in Burbank, IL. Chuck's is a family-friendly, unpretentious restaurant a few minutes south of Midway airport. The word "Southern"... Posted May 20, 2005 Recently, Ms. EatChicago and I found ourselves hungry and not too far from Argyle and Broadway. Everyone should be so lucky when meal-time rolls around. As many of you already know, the array of Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese options along... Posted November 23, 2004 A wintry weekend evening found a few of us in Andersonville looking for sushi. We payed our first visit to Tanoshii the recent creation of the highly-regarded "Sushi Mike", formerly of Hama Matsu (a few blocks south). Mike carries with... Posted January 28, 2005 Hot Doug's is a hot dog stand like no other. Don't miss it. Posted March 22, 2004 In the past month Ms. EC and I have made two visits to the highly-regarded Spoon Thai on north Western Ave. (Not to be confused with their sister restaurant "Silver Spoon" on Rush, or "Thai Spoon" near the South Loop,... Posted March 03, 2005 Soon after my recent entry entitled Two Spoon Visits, I found myself at TAC Quick Thai Kitchen with a group that included the previously mentioned "Erik M". TAC is located a few doors south of the Sheridan Red Line stop... Posted March 18, 2005 Green Zebra is getting the press, but there's already some great food in West Town. Posted April 20, 2004 Friendship is EatChicago's favorite neighborhood Chinese restaurant. Posted April 02, 2004