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This weekend I had the pleasure of joining a group of fellow members at Beefathon III, a five-stop Italian beef tasting and rating event. Each Beefathon event has focused on a different set of Italian beefs. Saturday's event took... Posted January 10, 2005 For decades, Candlelite served beer and ultra-thin crust pizza on the far North Side. The pizza was cracker-thin and square cut, a style of pizza that is as distinctly "Chicago" as our nationally-famous deep-dish. Not too long ago (about 18... Posted November 02, 2004 Poochie's, on Dempster in Skokie, bills itself as "the home of the cheddar-burger". I have been to Poochie's many, many times throughout my life and I think I've had only one burger. The also specialize in char-dogs and char-polishes, which... Posted January 20, 2005 Nothing about the famous burger at Boston Blackie's excited me. Posted July 15, 2004 Jury's on Lincoln is clearly a contender for Chicago's best burger. Posted June 03, 2004 EatChicago's trip to Vito & Kesselman wasn't as good as I hoped. Posted April 04, 2004 Lulu's provides a somewhat forgettable dim sum experience in Evanston. Posted April 25, 2004 Frozen Lou Malnati's is, surprisingly, a great way to go. Posted June 29, 2004 Rewards Network is such an easy way to save money on dining out, I can't imagine why you wouldn't join. Posted March 26, 2004 Buy restaurant gift certificates below face value at Posted April 16, 2004 Salam makes great food and a killer hot sauce to go with it Posted July 28, 2004 Get to Huey's. Have some fries. Now. Posted September 30, 2004 The highlight of this past weekend was a trip to Mitsuwa Marketplace , a massive Japanese market in Arlington Heights. Walking into Mitsuwa is like being transported to Japan. Half of the store is taken up by a Japanese grocery... Posted August 30, 2004 An alternative "Taste of Chicago" Posted June 24, 2005 A quick tour of old-fashioned desserts on the North Side of the city. Posted April 22, 2004 A chronological picture of one weekend of diverse dining. Posted March 28, 2005 member PIGMON has raised the bar for "one-dish research" in Chicago with his comprehensive analysis of carne en su jugo. He provides us with an amazingly detailed breakdown of this Mexican beef soup. Having nobly braved eight places that... Posted February 26, 2006 EatChicago's First Law of Chicago Dining: For every jam-packed, over-hyped eatery, nearby there is another similar eatery of equal or greater quality, situated nearby, that is nearly empty. Posted April 25, 2005 Spring World in Chinatown serves up one of the best values in the city for lunch. Posted September 20, 2004 Recently, Ms. EatChicago and I found ourselves hungry and not too far from Argyle and Broadway. Everyone should be so lucky when meal-time rolls around. As many of you already know, the array of Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese options along... Posted November 23, 2004 Hot Doug's is a hot dog stand like no other. Don't miss it. Posted March 22, 2004 In the past month Ms. EC and I have made two visits to the highly-regarded Spoon Thai on north Western Ave. (Not to be confused with their sister restaurant "Silver Spoon" on Rush, or "Thai Spoon" near the South Loop,... Posted March 03, 2005 Friendship is EatChicago's favorite neighborhood Chinese restaurant. Posted April 02, 2004