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A Little Spring Cleaning
April 29, 2005 | 2 Comments

I've made a few changes to this site in the past week:

--Most importantly, I've updated the "Links" section at the bottom left. I've added some newer Chicago food blogs (check them out) and removed any links to for-profit companies. Over the past year I've been hit with way too many requests to add someone's business in the "Links" section. So, now the links are only for blogs, message boards, and stuff like that.

--There is now a right column with ads at the bottom. Since these are Google ads, they're based on the keywords on the page and I have little control over what ads appear. I am not taking any money directly from advertisers (only Google). If a local restaurant or business appears in my ads, it is not because they gave me anything or specifically bought ads for this site. I have no allegiance to these advertisers nor do I necessarily speak for their products.

--I've removed the archives by month because they didn't really seem useful and they barely ever got used.

--The "Get updates via email" system has been fixed. It wasn't accepting new people or sending out updates for quite a while.

--I've also added a "Subscribe with Bloglines" button. If you don't know what Bloglines is, you should go sign up. It's the best web-based news aggregator around. You can keep up with a ton of sites in a nice tree-based UI. I use it constantly. (No, they didn't pay me either).

Thanks again for the questions, comments, and encouragement that I receive.

Posted 03:20 PM
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