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Hall of Fame: Crispy Duck at Pine Yard
July 22, 2004 | 3 Comments

Our second addition to the EatChicago Hall of Fame is the Crispy Duck at Pine Yard Restaurant in Evanston.

Often lauded for their Mu Shu entrees, Pine Yard has been serving Chinese food in Evanston for over 30 years. Many of the dishes are excellent, but this post is about one simple dish: Crispy Duck.

There is not much to this dish. It is a large, succulent duck, deep-fried to perfection. The duck is served on a large platter, sliced on the bone in small pieces. The platter is scattered with puffed rice chips which help take care of any residual fat on the platter.

The first thing that keeps me coming back to Pine Yard for this dish is its consistency. They always manage to keep high-quality ducks on hand. The meat is plentiful, flavorful, and juicy. I've had this duck at Pine Yard many, many times, and I can't think of one occasion where the quality deviated from the norm.

The second thing is the flavor. I always appreciate when a restaurant knows when not to mess with mother nature. They serve the bird very lightly seasoned and basically unadorned (a bowl of plum sauce comes on the side, which I barely touch). The flavor contrast between the slightly-salty skin and the rich meat is perfect.

During a drive to Pine Yard, I think about crispy duck. In the restaurant, negotiating over the final pieces with my family, I think of ordering more crispy duck. On the ride home, I wonder when I will next have a crispy duck. At random times, for no reason whatsoever, I will crave a crispy duck. For these reasons, I am happy to elect the Crispy Duck of Pine Yard Restaurant in Evanston to the EatChicago Hall of Fame.

Get yourself one at Pine Yard Restaurant, 1033 Davis St., Evanston, 847-475-4940. Reservations for large parties are accepted. Metered street parking is possible. Very close to the Davis Street El and Metra stations. The duck is priced at $18.

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