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Lula: Logan's Finest
July 16, 2004 | 4 Comments

Lula Café is a well-known spot in Logan Square that I've been enjoying for a couple years now. I always expect a good meal from Lula and I have never been disappointed.

Lula is a bit of an enigma because it is really 3 different restaurants in one. Depending on how you approach it, Lula can be:

A) A neighborhood brunch spot
B) A veggie-friendly café
C) A restaurant with creative, organic, cross-cultural cuisine

I usually approach Lula from the "C" angle; I go there for dinner and usually order from their constantly-fresh menu of specials. During my last visit I enjoyed a duck leg and sliced duck breast served over cardamom-spiced lentils with roasted asparagus. I also tasted a slice of Ms. EatChicago's slightly-spicy, perfectly-cooked ribeye. In the past I've also had great seafood, delicious salads, and excellent desserts. I can still conjure memories of a succulent crispy-skinned, pan-roasted quail (served over white beans), and it has to be at least a year that I had that dish.

The chef at Lula has an excellent sense of flavor and it shows in every dish I've ever had there.

Lula used to be a BYO café until they opened their bar (right next door, accessible to the restaurant); now they have a small, but good wine-list to accompany your meal. A three-course dinner with wine is not cheap at Lula but it's not outrageous for what you're getting: high quality ingredients (organic when possible), creative dishes, and memorable flavors.

Brunch at Lula is very popular and well reviewed by those I have spoken to. Lula is also a great place to stop in for just a sandwich or salad.

If you don't frequent Logan Square, Lula Café is my first choice for some Logan destination dining.

Check out Lula Café 2537 N. Kedzie, 773-489-9554. Reservations are not accepted and it is a rather small place. Be prepared to wait during peak times. Street parking is possible and the Blue Line is right across Logan Blvd.

Posted 04:55 PM
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