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Less than a week after my initial visit, I returned to Bhabi's Kitchen for a mostly vegetarian meal. At the end of my previous visit, I was nearly chastised as I left for not ordering the broccoli rabe and the pistachio naan. I promised I would return.

With an overpriced six-pack of Kingfishers in hand, my guests and I walked right in and were seated at an open table at the peak of Friday night dining hour. We ordered the broccoli rabe, Bahbi's special eggplant, and the pistachio naan. To this order we added a few of the dishes we loved from our previous visit (butter chicken, mutter paneer, samosas).

The broccoli rabe is a powerfully flavorful dish. Deep, dark, rich flavors of the vegetable are highlighted by garlic. After enjoying a few forks of it I moved on to the eggplant which nearly blew the back of my head off. Three whole baby eggplant in a sauce made from a variety of nuts and spices. The combination of flavors (and level of spice) made my eyes water. Luckily, the sweet crispy pistachio naan was there to save me. Mr. Syed informed us that the broccoli rabe and eggplants represent six hours of cooking time. "The longer you cook, the better the flavor," he said.

Just before we left, Mr. Syed showed me their big tandoori oven in the kitchen while his wife rolled out more naan. As I was saying my thank yous and preparing to leave, they told me about more dishes that they're proud of that I have yet to try. I'll be back.

Check out Bhabi's Kitchen, 6352 N. Oakley, 773-764-7007. Street parking possible, BYOB. Call ahead if you're going to be more than 4 people.


I just got back home from Bhabi's Kitchen. What started out as a trip to Devon to satiate a craving for samosas (possibly at Hema's Kitchen?) ended up with a visit to Mr. Syed's restaurant.What first attracted me to go inside was the Reader article that was laminated and showcased in the front window. "Hey, I remember reading that food review", I thought. I expected to be in and out within 10 minutes, but I ended up staying for much longer than that. Why, you ask? Because while I waited for my food, Mr. Syed struck up a conversation with me- and his words and display of hospitality were genuine and something I have never experienced before. I have never been treated so well with so much care and attention before by any proprieter of a business, let alone a stranger. Mr. Syed, the owner and manager, made me feel at ease, taught me some lessons about life, and told me some things I needed to hear to give me strength after a very difficult week. Keep in mind that this is the first time we ever met. The food was delicious ( 2 delectable samosas: one beef, the other vegetable- both delicious, flaky, hot, spicy, fresh, and bursting with fresh potatoes,peas, and beef)prepared lovingly by his wife, but it truly was his hospitality and genuine concern for his customers that will keep me coming back. You won't find a family restaurant quite like Bhabi's Kitchen. Mr. Syed is a class act; a man of integrity people rarely cross paths with in their lives. Everyone who is looking for fine Indian cuisine (made from scratch) and top-notch service should visit Bhabi's Kitchen. Take one evening or afternoon from your busy lifestyles and walk into Bhabi's Kitchen. Walk out with excellent food and a peaceful state of mind. You won't forget the experience. What a gem of a restaurant and what great people I have found at Bhabi's Kitchen!

Posted by: Karen at July 22, 2004 04:06 PM

Is this a good thing?

"After enjoying a few forks of it I moved on to the eggplant which nearly blew the back of my head off."

I love it.

Posted by: Pook at August 4, 2004 12:26 PM

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